Signing a cooperation agreement with the Special Economic Zone

A scientific, research and educational agreement between Birjand University of Technology and the Special Economic Zone of South Khorasan was signed.
Signed by Doctor Mehrshad,the president of BUT, and Chief Engineer Safdari Zadeh, the head of South Khorasan Special Economic zone, aiming for developing joint cooperation between the two, they discussed for optimum use of the capacities of scientific research of this agreement.
Accordingly, among the objectives outlined in this memorandum are: development of scientific cooperative research using resources from all parties, developing areas of cooperation include joint research in holding scientific conferences and joint research, counseling or supervision imposed on the ongoing projects of Special Economic Zone, performing scientific field trips to the special zone for all students for carrying out research projects, making use of research facilities, laboratories, workshops based on customer interaction of two institutions and educational cooperation, including various training courses at the request of the special area in accordance with the relevant regulations and agreed workshops and educational seminars.

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